Saturday, July 11, 2009

Martial Arts Paper Toys | Hartia Toys

Moolka was kind enough to send our karate crazy boy this set of folding toys by Hartia Toys:

The set, Martial Arts, comes with a variety of cool fighty dudes. Our favorite was the sumo wrestler. He is super rad, reminds me of Japan and is the butt of many jokes now...literally! If you choose the set comes with materials to build your own mobile. Very cute!

However, we have not made it that far. Mr. Jack is just six, and had a bit of trouble with some of the folding/cuts. I do think that the toy is great for a careful, patient six-year-old or for anyone older. Also, we ended up using one of my knitting needles to make the creases as the included stick didn't quite hold up to Jack's serious kung fu grip. Like I said, a more careful child would have no issues I am sure.

We do love this set and look forward to completing the set after our big move.

Note: You will need scissors and glue to assemble the little dudes, they are not included.

Let the cutting begin! We used these very sharp scissors, which worked very well.

This series of cuts was accompanied by many giggles. Fun!

The instructions suggest using a ruler to guide the lines. This is a great idea that Jack decided to skip. Still, I do think a straight edge to guide you would help.

Carefully gluing on the nose. Tricky but satisfying! This really is a nice quiet toy and would help any child improve their hand eye coordination.

Full on sumo action complete with a "HYYYY-YYYAAAA!!!" and serious marital arts face.

Please visit Moolka here to check out their many paper toys. Perfect for the older kiddo in your life or for you (I really enjoyed them!).