Monday, September 27, 2010

Charity Auction Postponed until December

There's some great things happening, but we need a little time. We'll be keeping you updated, so stay tuned!!!!!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Winner of the Science Kit Giveaway is...........

SuperSarah! Congratulations to SuperSarah who entered by email. She won a $40 giftcard to Toys and Games Online

Toys and Games Online is part of the CSN family of stores. The CSN stores sell everything from end tables to baby cribs. They'll be sponsoring another review next month.

Congratulations, SuperSarah!

Tags for Everything - KiddoTags Review and Giveaway

The first day of school came and Arielle went off to first grade with her customized lunch box from Yubo.

Arielle adores her lunchbox, and she would be so sad if it got lost. I am glad she loves her lunchbox, and I would be annoyed if it got lost because lunchboxes are not cheap.

What can I do to help Ari and her lunchbox to stay together? I can use a sharpie and  write her name (and then I can't pass down the cute lunchbox) or I can get KiddoTags

KiddoTags are customizable name labels that stick to your lunchboxes, bottles, toys, pacifiers.... anything.  etc.   They are super durable and waterproof, dishwasher-proof, microwave safe, UV-resistant and scuff-proof.

You design your own using 80 character icons, 12 different label colors and 19 different fonts.

There are even shoe labels and iron-on labels for clothing.

The company is owned by a stay-at-home mom and everything is designed and printed in the United States.

I bought each girl a Kiddo Tags value pack ($34.99).  The pack game with a variety of labels in different sizes.  I designed each girl's tags to reflect her likes. Arielle's have owls and are pink.  Linnea's are yellow with cute cats.

I labeled water bottles...

...the little bins inside the lunchboxes (yes, these have been going through the dishwasher daily for a few weeks) ...

... all the individual parts of the lunchboxes (overkill, but moms like stickers, too.)... useful!

KiddoTags are also great for labeling school supplies (a requirement at our school and this looks so much prettier than scrawling in Sharpie).

The value pack came with shoe labels, an excellent idea if your child takes gymnastics or ballet or another sport where shoes sometimes end up piled in cubbies.  I must remember to label the ballet and tap shoes!

It also came with two hanging backpack tags.  I also put a sticky tag inside.

KiddoTags aren't just for things that go to school; I labeled the girls' bicycle helmets.

I got some last-name-only tags for Dad's lunch box and my water bottle and even the bottom of my camera since it comes with me a lot.

I also bought a pack of iron-ons for coats.  I did last name only since the girls hand down and pass on their clothes to their cousins.  The iron-ons are in the laundry room waiting for a free moment.

When my friends first mentioned KiddoTags, I thought labeling your kids stuff was a bit obsessive.  Then I got the note from school and looked at the site.  The cuteness won me over.  Once I tried them, I completely understood what the raves were about.  I love these things!

Try them out and get 20% off your first order by signing up for the KiddoTags newsletter.

One of our lucky readers will get to try out KiddoTags.  KiddoTags will give one Sara's Toy Box reader a pack of 30 Mini Kiddos with a free *dwink* Box Holder in pink or blue only.  To enter, all you have to do is go to the KiddoTags website and push the "Like" button.  Then let me know that you like KiddoTags by posting here or on our facebook page.

The winner will be announced on October 4.

Here's Linnea, all KiddoTagged and ready for her first day of preschool.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A secret..... shhhhh......

Sara's Toy Box is hosting a charity auction. The auction will take place on October 1st - as long as everything gets here on time.

The owner of a toy store that we love (and a supporter to our blog) had an emergency appendectomy a few weeks ago. She is a cancer survivor as well as self-employed, and she can't get affordable health insurance. So now she has a $26,000 hospital bill on top of missing her children's first day of school and just some tough life stuff that happened around that time.

So, because we can make a difference for her, Sara's Toy Box is sponsoring an auction to help her out.

The auction will be on HyenaCart. I will post the link once we get the site set up.

What do we have? We have four great gift baskets... one for a boy, one for a girl, one for a baby and one for mom. There will also be individual items and a couple of cool surprises. I'll be posting pictures of everything on the blog and on the auction site in the next few weeks. We have Holztiger, Sarah's Silks, Mary's Soft Dough, handmade dolls and swords and heirloom baby rattles, a balance board, Boom Boom cards, organic stuffed animals, a science kit.... so much. There are even rumors of a Bamboletta Doll (unconfirmed) and a private concert (confirmed)... So, do some Christmas shopping and help out a great woman.