Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lunch Boxes

Arielle will be starting school soon, so the Easter Bunny thought lunch boxes would makes great Easter Baskets this year. The Easter Bunny did a Google search on "Eco-friendly lunchboxes" and found Yubo customizable lunchboxes. The Easter Bunny got very excited because these lunchboxes can be customized with just about any design - even cockatoos.

Arielle and Linnea were so happy about their new lunchboxes. They decided we would celebrate spring and have picnic lunch in the park.

So, I packed a lunch. Mmmm... Peanut butter and jelly for Arielle, "peanut butter and jelly with no peanut butter" for Linnea, applesauce, and for dessert, yogurt with sprinkles.

Everything has its own little container. This is the configuration that came with lunchbox, but extra containers are available so you can customize lunch as you need to. Everything is BPA and phthalate free. All packed up; there is plenty of room for a cloth napkin.

About the faceplates - The lunchboxes come with a faceplate, but you can choose a standard design ($6.95), a personalized design ($9.95), or upload a photo and design your own ($12.95). This is what the Easter Bunny did for Arielle's lunch box. Linnea's is one of the standard designs.

At first I thought the faceplates are simply laminated card stock that slide in and out of the holder. But, Cyndi from Yubo told me that the paper is actually a polyester, water-proof paper that they print directly on. So they do just fine with bad weather or spills. And, Arielle is thrilled to have a lunchbox featuring her favorite birds.

And, we are ready to go. The lunchboxes don't come with a thermos, but you can get an insulated drink holder ($5.95) that attaches to the side. We are using out Kleen Kanteens.

Linnea is so excited. She was in such a hurry that she put her shirt on backwards. Shhh....

Picnicking...... At first, Arielle had some difficulty opening her sandwich container. But, it was a matter of practice.

Linnea did not. She loves her BP&J with no J sandwich.

This is the icepack that fits in the bottom of the lunchbox to keep cold food cold.

Arielle got her food open. Then Arielle saw a bee and wanted to go home. Do your kids do that?

After the picnic, it is time to clean up. I slide out the faceplates and wipe up a spot of jelly with a damp cloth.

Everything snaps apart.

And fits in the dishwasher.

So, some things are great about this lunch box. I like the different configurations of containers and the ice pack. It is also easy to clean. And, it is customizable which is great and you can change the faceplates as your child's interests change at a reasonable price. You child can even make her own faceplate designs. And, it is great for preschoolers, but will also work for tweens who want their lunchbox customized with their celebrity crush-of-the-month.

Some things could be better. I wish the drink fit inside the box because with young kids every item is something else that can be lost, but the insulated holder works fine. And a shoulder strap would be nice.

It's another option to think about if you are looking for lunchboxes.

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