Monday, June 2, 2008

New Toys at Natural Pod

We recently reviewed a few of the new hand-crafted products that are available at Natural Pod.

Wool Felt Crown ($39.95 CAD) by Little Red Caboose.

Natural Pod has a variety of these Canadian-made crowns in styles colors suitable for both girls and boys. Each crown is made of soft 100% wool felt and lined with a blended felt of either 40% or 80% wool. There is a cotton fabric covered elastic at the back, so the crown can fit various-sized children's heads. The buttons are made of wood; the super cute trim on ours has frogs and mushrooms on it, but there are also trims with Matroyshka dolls, birds, squirrels and other fun pictures .

Arielle says it is an excellent princess crown to be worn by the Princess who lives in the Forest when she is kissing frogs. Apparently, Forest Princesses also love mushrooms.

Poot and Boogie Dolls ($39.95 CAD)

Poot and Boogie dolls are individually handcrafted in British Columbia from 100% cotton and wool and are stuffed with eco-friendly, corn-derived fiberfill. The faces are neatly embroidered rather than painted, and no two are alike. They are about 13 inches tall and 11 inches wide with arms outstretched -- about the size of a Groovy Girl Doll, but so much cooler.

Ours is blond with a laughing expression, green mini-dress, and wavy-striped tights. Arielle immediately named her after her sixteen year old sister, Elfie, "because she's so cool-looking." "Elfie" the doll fits nicely into the diaper bag and makes an excellent and cuddly car seat companion.

I've also noticed an absolutely lovely, handcrafted doll pram ($159.95) at Natural Pod that is made of birch and maple with a natural, oiled finish. All of Natural Pod's toys are made of natural and non-toxic materials such as wool, cotton and wood, and are chosen carefully to inspire creative and imaginative play.

Natural Pod ships to both the US and Canada.

Natural Pod is still offering 10% off your first purchase with the code "sarastoybox10" until 6/30/2008.


Hans-Jörn Eich said...

That doll is so neat. Reminds me a little about what my aunt does in Germany. You should check her creations out :-) revoluzzza. She also blogs at minderjahr, but most of it is in German, but maybe you even speak a little :-).

Best Regards from the Niagara Region,


Sara said...

Oh my, that is cute!