Thursday, March 19, 2009

I made it myself at Stubby Pencil

Crazy weather here. It's been cold one day, warm and rainy the next. Today is super windy with sticks blowing everywhere and mud! Lots of mud! How do we beat the cabin fever?

Stubby Pencil Studio
, our 2008 store of the year, has great new stuff for art projects. Some of our very favorites are the "Made by Me" kits ($4.00) come in several styles and allow a child to make a car or truck all by themselves. These all-wood kits are made in Vermont by Maple Landmark.

You provide the glue, hammer and paint, markers, crayons, stickers, etc... for decoration.

First you decorate.

Then you assemble the vehicle.

Then you play with your creation.

The girls were so happy and proud and couldn't wait to show their cars to Daddy. "My made it!"

Stubby Pencil Studio has many other treats, perfect for a rainy day or an Easter Basket.

Arielle especially enjoyed the People Pencils ($19.95 for a set of 15)

These high quality colored pencils are made by FineTec in Germany. They have a very smooth feel, similar to Lyra pencils (but at a fraction of the cost). The array of neutral colors captures the huge variation of human skin tones, perfect since Arielle has just started to learn about geography and other countries.

But, Arielle also thinks they are also excellent for drawing birds.

Colored pencils are also a nice way to color Easter Cards (6 for $7.95) made from 100% post-consumer paper.

We have a brand new coupon code. Our readers can use "SARA09" for a FREE Color 'n Kids cards Sample pack - which includes 8 cards: 2 birthday, 2 thank you, a get well and several others. $9.95 value. Good through 12/31/09.

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