Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fairy houses

Have you read Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane ($15.95)? The beautifully illustrated book is about a girl named Kristen who vacations in Maine. Her parents show her a village of little houses that people have made for the fairies. Kristen makes her own house and every day she checks it for fairies. At the last minute, magic happens.

The end of the book has a section about making your own fairy houses using only natural materials. Today was a gorgeous day and Ari went outside to build her own fairy house.

She gathered up sticks and bark and other natural treasure,

and with Linnea's help, she carefully arroanged them under the tree.

A broken eggshell makes a perfect vase on a dandelion carpet.

And a tulip that the rain knocked over decorates the roof. Only dandelions were picked.

Flowers and leaves make nice, soft beds.

And here is the final product. Will a fairy move in?

There is also a video ($19.95). Are there fairies in your backyard?

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