Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fairy Tent

The problem with my house is that there are fairies everywhere... I found this one in my garden.

and later, a slightly bedraggled fairy was in the bedroom.

Fortunately, for moms of fairy-obsessed little girls, Magic Cabin has Everything Fairy. We got to review the Fairy Pop Up Tent ($59.98)

Now, I have to confess, Magic Cabin sent the tent to me way back at the end of May. I had lovely ideas in my head of pictures of fairy tents and girls in frilly dresses against a cascade of colorful tulips... instead we had rain everyday for months. And when it wasn't raining, wind.

So, yesterday I said, forget the weather, we are taking the tent out anyway. The tent comes with corner stakes so it won't blow away, as well as a carrying case. And while the wind blew our hair around and made the tent look a bit lopsided (it isn't), the girls had a wonderful time pretending to be garden fairies and making fairy soup.

I really like the feature of a back that opens up with velcro. This makes for very easy clean-up. Just open it up, and shake out the flower petals.

When the weather is bad, the fairy tent sits in the corner of Arielle's room. It looks perfect amidst all the pink. And the girls enjoy playing dolls or princess castle or fairy hideout or just hanging out reading a book. It is a great starting point for all sorts of imaginative play. I really recommend pop up tents as a way of giving children private spaces - especially if you don't have a lot of room. They are so easy to take down and put up again. And this one is so pretty.

Check out Magic Cabin for all your fairy needs and make sure to sign up for Magic Cabin's email list to be notified of sales and specials.

The girls insisted on wearing their beautiful fairy skirts from Ginger Louise on Etsy. Ari still needs to grow into hers, but they are lovely.

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GingerLouise Clothing said...

Thanks--I use to be obsessed with magic cabin--if you ever come to NY make sure you visit Enchanted Toys on Lex its a wldorf inspired store loaded with fab costumes and tons of fairy stufff. Glad you like the skirts--if it is big you can throw it in the dryer and it will shrink--