Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sara's Toy Box: Holiday Giving!

I think I may have mentioned that we are sponsoring an auction to help a friend.

In late August, a toy store owner (and a friend) who frequently contributes to our blog had an emergency appendectomy. She's self-employed, of course, and a cancer survivor. Because cancer is considered a "pre-existing condition" she was unable to get health insurance at any reasonable cost. She ended up with a $27,000 hospital bill -- and she missed she children's first day of school.

Things like cancer and appendicitis can happen to anyone. When I heard my friend's story, I wanted to do something to help. So, I came up with the idea of having Sara's Toy Box sponsor an auction. The response from the toy community has been amazing and we have a lot of great donations.  Want to see some pictures?

The baby gift basket contains more than $380 worth of toys and baby care items, including a sweet velveteen rabbit from Auntie Jill and a gorgeous heirloom wooden rattle from Bagnall Woodworks . We have nine more of these silky smooth handmade rattles to auction separately.

The boys gift basket has over $300 worth of toys:

There is a Yubo lunchbox (with a pirate faceplate),

    a marble runaround from Magic Cabin
 a sword from The Backyard Armory,

and lots more.

This adorable rag doll is just one of the many great toys in the girl gift basket.

There are Holztiger animals...

Here's the whole over flowing basket:

In addition to a Yubo lunch box, the boy and girl gift baskets also contain a deck of BoomBoom cards and a gift card to KiddoTags.

And a tub of Mary's Softdough with tools.

 And,  each gift basket has 2 Charlie Hope CD's  - - and Charlie donated a concert!

We also have a balance board from Challenge and Fun.

An art bag from Stubby Pencil Studio,

And a most gorgeous Baby bath set from Willow Baus commissioned just for this auction by Down to Earth Toys.

All proceeds will go directly to my friend's hospital bills, and we do have a button to accept donations.

Not everything is on the website, yet. I'm still waiting on pictures from some items and I'll be updating until the last minute. The auction runs December 1-7, and the website is here.

So, stop by and do some Christmas shopping - and thanks so much for your support.  We couldn't do this without you.

P.S. I've been a bit tied up with the auction and lagging on holiday reviews, but they are on their way!!

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