Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's late, but....

Here are a few more toy sites. I'll be doing more store and toy reviews after the holidays, but I do not like to review a site until I've had personal experience with them.

Landbridge Toys - A selection of toys from around the world.

Bambino Sled ($100)

Rabbit & Duck - I just found this site. They have an abundance of European toys, especially wonderful stocking stuffers, and right now they have $25 of a $100 purchase (with code TAKE25).

Selecta Turbina ($8.00)

Selecta Serenello ($6) A whistle is an excellent thing for a small child to have any time you go out. Teach her to whistle loudly if you become separated. My oldest has Asperger's Syndrome and would constantly wander or just forget to follow. Giving him a whistle saved me a lot of time and stress.

They also have Gymnic Rody ($41.90) bouncy horses - somebody asked about these, and I wasn't able to help at the time. They look like fun.

Tiddley Widdley
offers handcrafted toys and toys from around the world. They have a nice selection of Moulin Roty toys.

The activity pumpkin is normally $60, but is on sale for $30.

Tiddley Widdley has started their post-holiday sale early.

KangarooBoo - KangarooBoo is a new site and they asked that I let my readers know of their existence. They have a large selection of toys designated as "not made in China".

Chan Pie Gnon teething toy made of phthalate-free natural rubber ($13.90)

Noddy Car ($12.50)

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Megan said...

What a neat blog!

I have been visiting all of the links to the toy stores you recommend on the sidebar! I really love Quiet Hours Toys, and have been eyeballing that Princess and the Pea set in the dolls section - just a bit pricey, but so cute!

I have one recommendation for you - I really like Tiny birds organics. I found them because I used to buy diapers from them, but they have lots of neat natural toys too. Might make a good addition to your list.

Thanks for the great resource!