Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Search for the Perfect Doll

Everyone has been sick (and oh so whiny) for the last week, so I haven't been writing very much. We are finally getting better, although I still feel like I need a vacation - or a long nap. We have put up the tree and are getting ready for the holidays.

Arielle wishes Santa would bring her a doll. Santa is actually bringing a rocking horse for her big gift, but mom and dad could do a doll.

"What kind of a doll?" I ask.

"A doll that is big like me."

"Oh, no!", I immediately wonder where on Earth I'm going to find a doll the size of Arielle. "Big like you!?!"

"Like me, three years old."

Ahhh... not a baby doll. Whew! But, I guess the gnome doll that is going in her stocking won't cut it.

So, I've spent a few days looking at dolls.

My first decision was what kind of doll - a vinyl doll or a Waldorf doll. I started with vinyl dolls. We have owned a few Corolle dolls, and have loved them. Corolle dolls meet all European safety standards. So, I started at Live and Learn toys.

Live and Learn has a large selection of Corolle dolls at low prices. I was looking for dolls that were definitely not babies. The first doll I considered was the Les Cheries Camille Ballerina Doll ($27.95). Very pretty, but she's supposed to be a 7 year old. Way too grown-up for Arielle.

Next, I considered Corolle's Poupettes ($24.95). They are very friendly looking and easy to dress and undress. And the price is good.

But Arielle said that she wants a long-haired doll.

The only other choices were Corolle's Toddler dolls. But, I really didn't see one that I loved, although Katia ($47.95) was close.

The other brand I considered was Moulin Roty. These dolls are designed in France and made in Spain, and are pretty much perfect in every way -- except the price tag. I could not see myself spending $70 for a first "real" doll for a three year old.

Moulin Roty My Doll: Nanou ($70.00)

Even more expensive are the beautifulZwergnase dolls at Moolka. These charming dolls are designed by artist Nicole Marschollek-Menzner and made in Germany out of vinyl that is free of toxic materials. The clothing is also made in Germany and all fabrics are free of toxic dye residue. Natural materials are used whenever possible. Nice, but not in my budget.

Heidi ($136.99)

Kathe Kruse dolls are another expensive choice, also made in Germany.
Sophie Isabelle ($160.95)

I had not wanted to buy Arielle a Waldorf doll because I'm planning to make one for her this winter. Both my older children received a Waldorf doll after their third birthday, and these dolls are still treasured possessions. But, I decided to consider a cloth doll.

Haba dolls are cute. These dolls are 12 inches tall and have slightly weighted bodies. Their clothes are removable and they are meant for toddlers and preschoolers.

Nelly ($34.99)

I love Aquamarine ($49.95) by Sigikid. Shes very girly and reminds me of Manhattan Toy's Groovy Girls.

The Wooden Wagon has a nice selection of Waldorf Dolls that are handmade in Germany. I like 16 inch Amy ($105.00). Again, too much for my budget.

Kathe Kruse makes a huge variety of Waldorf dolls. Blueberry Forest has one of the best selections around. They range from 10 inch mini dolls to child size dolls.

Kathe Kruse Mini It's Me Garden Fairy Doll ($64.95)

Kathe Kruse Waldorf 34 inch It's Me Doll ($189.95)

The dragonfly doll ($76.95) is very sweet and small, but not what I wanted.

I finally did find just the right doll and it was a Kathe Kruse. The 16 inch "Mary" Sweetheart Toddler Doll ($49.95 at A Toy Garden) has long blonde hair, looks about three years old, has a removable dress and was the right price. And mostly, she just felt like the "right" doll for Arielle.

I'm sure she'll have a happy time enjoying tea parties with Arielle and Army Bear.

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Jada2929 said...

Great taste! I ordered the same one but brunette for my DD this weekend! Can't wait to get her!