Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Toys from France at Comptoir d'Enfance

If you love French toys or classic characters such as Barbar, The Little Prince or Elmer the Elephant, you may be interested in Comptoir d'Enfance. This new internet store was started by Emma who came to California from Paris only last year and wanted to introduce French style to American children. She features Vilac Toys, decorative wall decals and stick-on chalk boards, French books, and organic babywear.

Wooden Barbar Dominos by Vilac ($30)

Wooden Bear Puzzle ($18)

Vilac train with blocks ($30)

What I really like are the large chalkboard wall decals - the elephant ($65) is the largest and priciest. The decals can be placed on any clean, dry, flat, smooth surface and then removed. Kids can draw on the walls and then they wipe clean. What a neat idea!

The other product that I really liked is the Princess Castle wall decal ($70). This decal is large enough to be used as a headboard and a different layout (without the Mickey Mouse head) is shown on the site. A very nice (and easy) way to make a princess's room special.

Emma has graciously offered us a coupon code. The code "Sara" can be used for 10% off until 3/31/2008.

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