Friday, February 29, 2008

Store Review: Easter at Quiet Hours Toys

One of my favorite sites to find a unique gift that is sure to be treasured is Quiet Hours Toys.

Carey, the mom-owner of this site, puts her efforts into finding beautiful and natural toys and children's items from around the world. These aren't the same toys that you see everywhere else. Many of these toys are limited edition items that are handcrafted by work from home moms, made by fair trade cooperatives, or are imported from European artisans and craft persons.

Because so many of the items are individually handcrafted, many of the toys at Quiet Hours are on the pricey side. Carey realizes this, so each item is of the highest quality and made to last. If you sign up for the mailing list, you will be alerted of both sales and new products.

I've been admiring these Matroyshka dolls ($25.00) which are handcrafted from cotton socks and colorful kawaii fabric. These are made with love by Denise Mollison and her children who have inspired her designs.

When I was a little girl, I received paper dolls for being brave when I went to the dentist. And, some of my best memories are of my mom making extra outfits for them. It really made me feel special and was our bonding time. These bunny paper dolls ($16.95) and their outfits are so adorable and old-fashioned. They'd be a perfect Easter treat for a little girl who has shown she can be careful with toys (and has no little sister to bite their heads off!).

Quiet Hours Toys also has a fabulous selection of handmade play food. I have a smaller set of knit produce by Jess Nicole ($46.00). These are made of plant-dyed wool and the pumpkin truly is as detailed and vibrant as it appears in the picture.

I've been wishing for Lilly Bean play food. It's made out of felt and very detailed. This Easter set ($22.00) would be a sweet (but not sugary) treat in an Easter basket.

Isn't the Princess and the Pea set ($90) just lovely?

Or these embroidered birds ($52)? This one-pf-a-kind set is made in Germany from vintage cotton and hand embroidered. It would be perfect in a girly nursery.

I could go on and on about the beautiful treasures at Quiet Hours Toys. It is a truly special site, but I always find it hard to make my decision with so many delightful options. And, I haven't even mentioned the shoes.....

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