Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Monkeys - opening February 7!

I wanted to introduce Arielle's new best friend, Meng Monkey. Meng, a fairy monkey, was made by the super talented Marci of My Monkeys.

Marci's beautiful My Monkeys start at $35 for a basic sock monkey, and an be upgraded with accessories at additional cost. Click here to visit the Monkey Gallery.

Marci's Monkeys are well made. The seams are double stitched and she goes over all hand stitching twice with a separate strand of thread. But, these are handcrafted items, particularly the specialty monkeys with several accessories, and should be treated as "nice" dolls and handled with care. Due to small parts, specialty monkeys and monkeys with extra accessories are not made for children under 3 years old. Oh, and Meng's skirt is removable - and that's a big plus with Arielle who loves dressing and undressing her toys.

My Monkeys is opening tomorrow evening, and there is a free lottery to win a sock monkey.


anne said...

Those are awesome. Madeline is quite fascinated with monkeys lately, so we might have to get one...

Sara said...

Marci is so creative.