Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vilac toys at

I think I have a new favorite toy. The Vilac Animal Counting Game ($44.00) is a surprisingly versatile stacking/sorting/counting/pretend play toy that is equally loved by both Linnea (15 months) and Arielle (3). Linnea enjoys moving the beads on the wire and putting the stacking pieces on the rods. Arielle prefers to take the little animals off and have them act out her imaginative stories. I wish I could get pictures, but she's missing her Daddy and has been super uncooperative about this. I'll try to add some later.

Vilac Toys are made in France and Thailand (under Vilac supervision) and meet all european and US safety standards. They come in bright yellow boxes, that just look like fun. PetitBaby has a very extensive selection.

One of my favorite Vilac products is the Alphabet Magnets ($17.80). I grew up with a plastic alphabet on the refrigerator and can't imagine a kitchen without the ABC's. It's nice to have a non-plastic alternative, and these are beautiful.

Linnea also enjoys this stacking toy. The Vilac Animal Stacking Blocks ($19.00) are large and baby friendly (that is, she can't stick them in her mouths and they stand up to being thrown). Right now she likes the feeling of accomplishment that she gets when she puts all the blocks on the pegs (and our applause, of course). But, as she gets older, she'll be able to match the heads with the bodies as Arielle does.

And of course, the Vilac Baby Phone ($12.60). We have one for each girl, and (while they still prefer my cell phone) they pretend to call Daddy all the time.

Aside from Vilac toys, PetitBaby is also a great source for Kaloo (oh so soft!) and Noukie's stuffed toys, as well as Haba, Sigikid, Anamalz and other brands. You can search specifically for toys made in Turkey, France, Germany or Lithuania. And, they accept PayPal.

PetitBaby has very generously given us a discount code (Sara) that is good for 15% off their toys.

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