Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thank you! That's So Childish

Thank you PAX Baby and That's So Childish!

A surprise pocket baby made to look like Linnea arrived on Valentine's Day. Linnea loves her.

"BayBup" is stuffed with baked organic millet and has a nice hefty feel. She smells deliciously of lavender and is decorated with a felted heart. She is just beautiful and is well made enough to withstand the plenty of enthusiastic toddler love that she is getting. Linnea's doll is about a third of the size of a regular dolly.

The flower wand was a hit as well. Fairy Princess Arielle is casting magic spells. Will spring come soon?

Jillian has been busy. Her site is growing and she has new products since my review, and more coming. I just looked at the PAX Baby site and saw these beautiful Bella Girl Tutu's.

The tutus are $30-$35 and come in many variations of colors and trims. You get to choose. So pretty!

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