Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ahoy There! Review of A.F.E.W. Natural Changes

"Arrr!" Captain Arielle has found a treasure map!

"Where is that treasure?"

Looking for Treasure Island. "Land ho!"

Checking the map one more time.

Digging up the treasure.

"What is it?" The First Mate is curious.

Pirate Booty!

"Mmmmmmmm...." First Mate Milky Breath enjoys a treasured snack.

What a great find! My friend Tasha, who knows how much Arielle likes playing pirate, saw the pirate silk and sent me the link to A.F.E.W. Natural Changes. Stacey Grant creates beautifully dyed, hand-stamped playsilks in two sizes, including pirate maps, mermaid maps and fairy maps, as well as silk bags, felted treasures, and bath confetti. I saw the mini treasure map ($4.75) and knew Arielle would love it. A larger (22") treasure map is also available for $10.00 and would be great for slightly older children. Stacey will personalize the map (for example, "Captain Ari's Treasure Map") at no extra charge.

We chose to forgo personalization as Captain Arielle is sharing the map with First Mate Milky Breath and will likely be able to handle a bigger map soon. The map arrived rolled up in parchment-like paper and sealed in wax with a tag indicating it was for Captain and First Mate - very official and a great presentation! Captain Arielle was very excited and we immediately set up out pirate ship on the living room floor, so she could sail the Seven Seas and find that treasure.

Stacey stocks her store every other Sunday. She will have more maps and other surprises this Sunday (2/10/2008). If she runs out of maps, keep trying. She's got new items coming soon, and has offered our readers a 15% discount code (Sara) until March 31, 2008.

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