Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Princess Play with Sarah's Silks

Arielle, who is a real princess, loves princess stories, most especially The Princess and the Pea. She recently had an opportunity to review the new silk Princess Dress ($59.99) and Princess Hat ($19.95) from Sarah's Silks.

Sarah's Silks is a family-owned, American company that makes play silks, silk canopies and high quality dress-up clothing for girls and boys. Since I buy many of our dress-up clothing from work at home moms, our previous experience with Sarah's Silks was with the Rainbow Silk Fairy Skirt ($22.50) which we love and which has been everywhere with us (and machine washes on cold quite nicely). It has held up well to little girl play and potty training, and (with a quick press of a cool iron) still looks good as new (and works well for ballet class, too.)

The skirt is one-size-fits-all. The princess dresses come in two sizes. Small fits ages 3-6 and large fits ages 6-8. Arielle normally wears size 3-4T, and the dress has plenty of room to grow. Here's her review.

Real princesses are dignified and polite.

They are always nice to (tolerate hugs from) their little sisters.

Arielle's favorite game -- The Princess and the Pea. The princess tries to sleep on a pile of mattresses.

"Oh my, I'm black and blue. I just tossed and turned all night."

Later that day, we went to get Arielle's bangs cut. Never before had such a lovely princess graced the salon with her presence. So, our wonderful hair stylist (who is also Arielle's friend Zan's mommy) thought this called for a real princess hair-do.

And a few more pictures...

Thank you, Sarah. We love the dress - especially the fluttery sleeves - and Arielle highly recommends it to any other "real" princesses who are looking to add to their royal wardrobe (perhaps as a special birthday gift?).

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