Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Biofino at PetitBaby

Flower, Arielle's rocking horse has a terrible sweet tooth. Lucky Flower and Arielle got to try out some of Haba's beautiful new Biofino foods from PetitBaby.

You can just imagine the excitement when I opened the package from PetitBaby. "Oooh! Ice Cream!" they all screamed (Flower, too. Flower is quite vocal for an inanimate object).

The ice cream cones ($11.99) are so very pretty and Flower loves ice cream. The 100% polyester Biofino ice cream scoops are reversible - for a total of four flavors (strawberry sundae, vanilla with chocolate sprinkles, banana cream and chocolate) all served in sturdy waffle cones.

And pretty enough to make any little girl (and rocking horse) happy.

We also tried Haba sweet pastries ($11.99 for a donut, croissant and cinnamon roll). These treats come in very pretty packaging - a sturdy, and quite girly, pink and blue bakery box. It is adorable.

When asked to comment, Arielle said "I love dem". They certainly look very tasty and perfect for a tea party. They are recommended for ages three and up because there are small bead sprinkles on the donut. But, the croissant and cinnamon roll don't appear to pose any choking hazards, so Linnea has also enjoyed playing with them.

These pastries are so lovely and well-made, that I am now curious now to try out the other Biofino foods.

Sandwich ($14.99)

Pizza ($19.99)

Petit Fours ($13.99)

Arielle has been talking non-stop about princess parties and what princess wouldn't love little cakes like this. They are currently on back order everywhere, so keep checking.

But not the wiener schnitzel ($14.99). Flower is not a fan of wiener schnitzel :-)

The Biofino foods (there are a lot more and the collection is growing) are made in China under Haba's direct supervision. For information about Haba toys made in China, click here.

PetitBaby offers a large selection of both Biofino and Haba wooden foods (and other wonderful treasures). Remember coupon code "sara" is good for 15% off till May 1, 2008.

Edited to add: These also clean up wonderfully. I just wiped chocolate handprints of an ice cream cone. No problems!


Michael said...

We also offer many of the Haba food items, along with other Haba toys.

kristen said...

Why not go with the sandwich from Down To Earth Toys rather than Haba? It's worth the $5 to buy Made in the USA...and avoid the bad karma from China. How much was the environment harmed getting that little item to your daughters from half a world away? Also the Twinkle Kids cake (available at quiet hours toys) would satisfy most princesses while A Toy Garden's wool felt pizza may come from Nepal but the fair trade logo can be found on it. If Haba is so confident of their Chinese factories, why not pay a fair they would have to if those items were made in Germany? I haven't noticed a price decrease being passed on to the consumer, though I'm sure the reason Chinese factories are producing their toys is the common's cheaper. And the reason it's cheaper is those workers are not given the same benefits and wages we expect in this country. Until we make Haba guarantee not only their toys safety but also their worker's ability to earn a living wage, I'll pass on the ice cream cones...cute as they may be, they leave a sour taste in my mouth.