Friday, November 9, 2007

HABA safety letter

I was concerned because I love Haba, and own so many Haba toys, but the cloth toys are made in China. So, I wrote to Haba about my concerns. Since several parents have asked my thoughts, I am posting Haba' reply.

I also wrote to Melissa and Doug about safety concerns, and did not receive a response. It has been a week.

Thank you for your faith and trust in Haba-you will not be disappointed!
In regards to our items not made in Germany:

1. All factories used in China MUST have ITCI certification.
2. Any wooden component in our soft goods-for instance the wooden head in Casalino or the Big Voyage wheels-is made in Germany and shipped to China for assembly.
3. Haba has a German based employee that audits any factory used by Haba-several times a year-to ensure who is making our toys, what is going into them and the quality coming out.

But as a mother of two-what speaks the most to me is the following: I had the EXTREME pleasure of meeting two of Mr Habermaass's children. Wonderful. family and environmentally based people. I KNOW that their children play with Haba, and the have the inside track! :))If you would like something official for your blog, please let me know and I can get you an official PR statement! But to me as a parent-Mr Habermaass's grandchildren and what they play with says it all!

Again thank you for your faith and trust!


mama k said...

Just found your blog... LOVE IT!

I am opening a small web-based store this week and would love to be featured on your site. Write me at nontoxictots(at)msn(dot)com please! I am carrying Plan Toys and am impressed with their mission statement and eco-friendly stance. I'd be interested in what else you hear back from them.
I must note that they were also just featured in Mothering Magazine's "Best Natural Toys" issue. :)

Anonymous said...

I know its already very late in the season, but I just found this great store offering Haba, Plan Toys and many other great products. They sell Kapla Blocks, which come from sustainable forests in France.

I hope you'll check them out.

Anonymous said...

I emailed Haba regarding my concerns with using china's factories and recieved the same response that the factories are itci certifited. Well, what the heck is this and where is the reality of "fair trade" even if the products are "safe"? So does anyone know what this certification really means? I feel like we are losing a complete economic battle, with reputable companies choosing China. I feel it's not much different that supporting Walmart, and the problem is I love Haba and so do my kids. Any comments?