Friday, November 23, 2007

Store Review -- Oompa

First of all, my apologies. It's been a hectic few days, but we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now we're enjoying some time with family and friends. We are heading home on Sunday, and I'll be posting more then.

What I learned this week, is that this is a most wonderful toy AND I wish I had it for the very long car ride home.

Le Chateau du Dragon ($19.99) buttons up to become a castle or unfolds to be a long, fun playing surface. It has crinkles, it has a mirror, it has little beads safely secured behind netting. It even has bright red buttons that are attached so well that a baby can mouth them with no worries for MaMa. And, it is available at Oompa.

Whenever I hear the ToysRUs song, I always think that it would be a whole lot more fun to be an Oompa Kid. Oompa is the superstore of the cool toy world. They have a huge selection of high quality toys - lots of Haba, Bajo, Selecta, Kathe Kruse, and more - all the most wonderful toys from all around the world. Like the hard-to-find Pixie's World rattle ($11.99) which is going in Linnea's stocking this year.

One of my favorite things about Oompa is the toy reviews. Oompa allows parents to give their thoughts on toys they have purchased, and in return offers points towards future purchases (one also gets loyalty points for repeat purchases). The reviews are great if you are having trouble deciding on a toy, if you have questions about the age appropriateness, and for pointing out possible choking hazards or that a toy is smaller than expected.

Like us parents, Oompa is concerned about safety. Each toy description clearly states where the toy is made, and Oompa provides information about toy safety standards, safety testing and manufacturer statements.

There are many brand-name toys that are exclusive to Oompa, like this Kathe Kruse Flippippi Blossom Butterfly doll ($74.99), and this violet girly car ($8.49) that was made especially for Oompa by Bajo.

And, Oompa has individual categories for toys made in Europe and the newest Haba. I am loving Running Bunny Benny in his car ($23.99)

Because they have free shipping on all purchases over $65.00, Oompa is a great place to get large gifts like this Kettler tricycle ($99.99) without paying oversize shipping costs.

But, Oompa does not accept discount codes after November 21st, so sign up for their mailing list to learn about special offers and promotions, and to receive their catalog.

See you on Monday, and I'll let you know what works on a more than twelve hour car ride.

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