Sunday, November 11, 2007

Safe Toys for Little Babies

Babies love to explore. They want to see, hear and especially taste everything, so babies need toys that can be chewed on safely. After writing the previous post about embedded lead in toys, I'm feeling a little paranoid about what Linnea puts in her mouth. So, I decided to feature baby toys that are all natural and made of organic materials. Although teething is no fun (I know, Linnea has been teething for months), mom and dad can at relax at least a little knowing that little one is chewing on something safe.

Maple Teether $10.99

This all-wood teether is made in the USA and finished with bee's wax. The lumpy-bumpy shape feels good on sore gums.

Or try this cherry wood rattle($14.99).

Here's another cherry rattle ($18.50).

It's nice and smooth and very simple, with a handle for easy grasping. A Toy Garden has a very simple soothing rattle which looks lovely for $19.95.

Men in a tub ($9.99)

Doesn't this look like fun for chewing and pushing and taking pegs out of? It is about 4 1/2 inches long. All the wood toys shown are made in the USA.

The Wooden Bunny Rattle ($12.95) is made in Germany.

Organic bunnies love their organic veggies such as this Carrot rattle ($19.95).

Under the Nile also makes organic veggies and other cute baby toys.

Under the Nile products are made of organic cotton in Egypt. They are comparatively inexpensive and include both produce such as Mushrooms($5.85), Grapes($5.85), and Broccoli ($6.00) and dolls such as their Knomes which come in either a Veggies Print ($9.35) or a tropical print and a sweet Monkey Toy.

Zmooz toys ($8.99-$15.49) are also made of organic cotton,

Zmooz toys come in a variety of styles for clutching and teething. Linnea has a small Zmoos. I can't say it is her favorite, but it is cute and just the right size for baby hands. I think she would have preferred brighter colors.

Perhaps the Kathe Kruse organic Gnome Doll ($23.99) would have been more pleasing to Linnea. Kathe Kruse also makes this girly organic Gugguli cloth doll ($21.99)

Lana organics stuffed animals ($24.99-$54.99)
These stuffed animals are made in Lithuania out of 100% organic cotton. However, as cute as this stuffed anteater is, $54.99 seems an awful l0t for a stuffed animal. Although stuffed animals do seem to spontaneously reproduce.... hmmm... I guess that's a topic for another day.

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