Friday, November 9, 2007

A Toy Garden - Update

Well, I got an email from Sonya. A Toy Garden has gotten tons of orders using our code, so they got suspicious and Googled it. It seems that the code has been spread all over the website and chat groups. People think it is a "secret" coupon so they are quickly and "secretly"sharing it with all their friends. We both think it's pretty funny. It's not a secret, but I'd rather you refer people to my blog to get it. Refer lots of people. Lots of traffic means I can ask for more discount codes in the future, right?

Unfortunately, all this traffic means that A Toy Garden has sold out of the Beginner's Rainbow Puzzle and they won't get more until Spring. And they are running low on a few other toys - especially the hand made ones, like the Peapod Doll (I'm glad I got mine). SO, if you see something you love, BUY EARLY.

And if your friends and relatives and internet acquaintances want codes, send them here. I've got a lot of good stuff for them and more every day. --Sara


Anonymous said...

Another few companies you should like at are:

Discovery Toys, if you look you will see that they adamently test all their toys, and always have. The toys are durable and have a lifetime guarantee.

Usborne Books also provides quality books and "kids kits" which are books with activities.

Great Blog!


Amanda said...

I just wanted to brag about A Toy Garden. We placed an order after reading your reviews of their products and seeing the coupon you shared on your blog. We placed the order last minute (for internet stores) and they were able to get the toys to us in time for an airplane trip we are taking. My daughter is going to love all the new toys. Thank you A Toy Garden!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Thank you for the "A Toy Garden" coupon! Came in handy! I love their silks which is our 'go to' gift.

Carrotflowers said...

I was just about to submit more order at A Toy Garden when I decided to google a coupon code just for the heck of it. Thanks so much! Our nature table will be decked out.