Thursday, November 15, 2007

Store Review: Three Sisters Toys

When Dana, the creator of Three Sisters Toys, started her store, her plan was to not just sell Natural or Waldorf-inspired toys, but also to let people know the "why" behind her choice of toys. Her mission is to provide information on the reasons why these types of open-ended toys are important for children, how natural toys help to develop a child's creativity and imagination, and how these toys differ from toys where the child is a passive participant and the toy does the playing for them. As she hoped, her store is not just a place to find quality toys, but also a resource for parents (especially those who want to explain to family members why they prefer these types of toys for their children!). She has several pages of information on natural play and Waldorf toys.

The name Three Sisters Toys comes from the Waldorf education philosophy of child development. In the first seven years, the child seeks to see that the world is a place of GOODNESS, and will learn primarily by imitation and through activity. In the next developmental phase (leading up to puberty) the child most naturally learns through BEAUTY. And then, entering into the third developmental stage, a teenager naturally begins a quest for TRUTH. These three values: GOODNESS, BEAUTY and TRUTH for children are the called the Three Sisters. Dana says"That's what my store is named after....I hope that all of my products will uphold these 3 values for children."

I like that. I like the toys at Three Sisters Toys as well.

She has all the traditional Waldorf toys: play silks, play stands, blocks,wooden figures, dress-up clothes, nesting toys, dolls, musical instruments, games, puzzles and art supplies.

GOODNESS - toys for role play and make believe

They have a multicultural assortment of Waldorf dolls made by Evi Dolls. Many of these are very affordable. I've been admiring the pocket gnomes ($4.90) for a long time.

Who doesn't need a gnome in her pocket?

There is a nice selection of stacking and nesting toys. Arielle would love this.
Can you imagine how much fun the finger puppets would have in these nesting houses ($24.95)? It could be a finger puppet village. Christmas??

Several moms have asked me recently about wooden shopping carts and cash registers. Three Sisters Toys has everything for playing store.

A shopping cart ($82.95)

A cash register ($36.50)

Very European play money ($4.25)

And a nice selection of play foods.

BEAUTY - toys and tools for creating and appreciating beauty

Three Sisters Toys offers a selection of non-toxic, very high quality Stockmar art supplies, and other hand work necessities, as well as a selection of carefully chosen musical instruments, books and music.

TRUTH - That can't be sold, only sought. I think a child that is raised to be creative and open-minded and to appreciate nature, art and others, is well on her way to finding truth.

Good, beautiful toys - truthfully! Use STB01 to receive Free Shipping on any order over $25 through 12/31/07

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