Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Plan Toys

I am so glad that Plan Toys wrote back, because I've been really wanting to review them. I first found Plan Toys when Arielle was a baby. She showed a lot of interest in counting, and I wanted to encourage that interest with an abacus. It was so hard to find something appropriate for a one year old. Fortunately I found the Plan Toys First Abacus ($14.20).

Arielle learned to count on this abacus. It is absolutely baby safe and Linnea (who really doesn't care about counting) loves to push the buttons around. We are now using it for pre-school math. If you have three blue dots and 2 green dots......

I like the abacus so much, that my next Plan Toys purchase was the Plan Toys Oval Xylophone ($16.99).

It is just right for toddlers, like Linnea, who get a kick out of hitting things. It's all wood and has a pleasant sound, but it's not exactly what I'd call music. Plan makes a variety of toy musical instruments, and I will be reviewing rhythm instruments for toddlers and preschoolers in the next few days, so I'll say more then.

We also own some Plan dollhouse dolls and dollhouse furniture. Since Arielle is going through potty training, I'm often finding the finger puppets sitting on the toilet from the bathroom set ($14.99).
My wishlist includes the microwave ($39.99)

toaster ($19.99)

and tableware set ($19.99)

The prices are comparable to Melissa and Doug toys, but the quality is much better and they are not made in China. I love the bright colors and clean modern lines.

Isn't this rocking horse ($49.99) beautiful?

Plan toys are available at Oompa (use our discount code) and at Non-Toxic Tots (a mom-owned website,get 5% off any order with the code "SARAROCKS" good until 11/30/07 ).

Non-Toxic Tots is doing a grand-opening giveaway of a Plan Toy, click here to enter.


mama k said...

aw thanks! I can do ya a coupon code too. Emailing you...

I love the rocking horse. I am planning on getting one for DS for xmas.

PS everyone come over to my blog to enter to win a Plan toy!

Babe said...

ordered the plan toys microwave and toaster from Urth Child with your discount coupon! thanks!