Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ten awesome toys under $10

Ten wonderful toys under $10.00 - for gift giving, stocking stuffing or just because.

Haba apple $1.94

One perfect tiny apple to tempt the imaginary snacker. It was these apples, that started my love affair with Haba.

Tiny Pot $2.50
This 2 inch "useful pot" is perfect for toy kitchens, hungry teddy bears, storing acorn caps, or a finger puppet's bath. Babies love them, too. But, Linnea can fit the whole lid in her mouth - so supervise them.

Tree flakes - $3.25

One hundred tree flakes in a bag. Three Sisters Toys suggests these for art projects. They look like troll money to me. How many tree flakes to cross that bridge?

Baby bucket - $5.69

We have one for the sand box, one for the bath tub, one for the toy box, one for the trunk of the car. PVC free. Linnea loves to eat with the spoon-shaped shovel. Arielle likes to cook blueberry porridge for her bear or to collect pretty leaves on our walks. They have a thousand uses.

Acorns $4.25

If that troll won't take tree flakes, give him an acorn. Or invite squirrels to tea. Maybe even use them to catch fairies. Who doesn't need an acorn?

Ball - $4.79

Just right for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. This small ball (5.5") rolls and bounces and lasts for years.

Play clips - $5.99

Play clips are useful for holding a blanket securely over two chairs and making a castle or a pirate ship. No more worrying that the sail is going to fall down while you search the seven seas for hidden treasures.

Cape $9.00
Super heroes, brave knights and beautiful princesses need capes. These capes are 22" long and fit ages 2-7. If your hero is especially super, matching masks are $3.00

Cubes $9.99

This set of 35 1-1/4 inch natural wood cubes comes in a muslin storage sack. Who needs fancy?

Magic wand - $10.00

When you have a magic wand, all your dreams can come true. Perfect for granting wishes and turning your brother into a toad. This one is handmade and super special. Or you can make your own.

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