Friday, November 16, 2007

Woodwise Natural Toys

Arielle just walked over. "What are you doing, Mommy?"

"I'm writing about your helicopter. What do you think about it?"

She pats her helicopter, "It's being GOOD Mommy. Real good."

Arielle's helicopter comes from WoodWise Natural Toys, where the husband and wife team of Nathan and Katie Weber create wooden cars and trucks and well-behaved helicopters for babies and toddlers. The toys are affordable ($8-$20), sturdy, and good sized. Arielle's helicopter ($10) is about eight inches long and three inches tall. The rotor and wheels are very well-attached; they aren't going anywhere.

Arielle loves her helicopter (it gets to be the mommy to her smaller, North Star mini-copter). Linnea is a lot rougher on her toys, so she received my favorite product on the WoodWise site, the Funky Crown Toddler Toy ($9).

This unique shape is very easy for toddlers to grasp. The unfinished wood is very smooth and safe for mouthing. It is standing up well to Linnea's rough treatment. Despite the unusual (and cute!) shape, Linnea recognizes it as a vehicle and has been pushing it back and forth and saying brmmmm... brmmm...

The Webers also make school buses, race cars, tractors, milk vans, beetles, big semi-trucks and fire trucks. Since the WoodWise site is on Hyena Cart, you will need to register and to use PayPal for payment.

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