Monday, May 26, 2008

Update! Spinny Speller from Doudou bebe!

I just had to tell you all what a huge hit the Spinny Speller has been with Jackson's teacher and classmates. Jackson had the words down pat so I took it in to share with his Pre-K class. The teacher and aide both raved about what a great learning tool it is. The kids loved sounding out new words and the teacher loved the one piece construction. No small pieces to lose in a busy classroom!

The Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers are planning on going in on an order to use in their classes. I love spreading the quality toy love. This wooden toy is made by Maple Landmark Woodcraft. They use sustainably harvested wood and any byproducts are reused locally.

I also have to show you a section of their site that impressed me. The mother-baby art offered here is just beautiful. Though they are not toys, I think they are simply lovely and just had to mention them.

One more note on Doudou bebe! I forgot to mention in my first post that the company donates a portion of heir proceeds to La Leche League Canada. In addition, their products aim to encourage breastfeeding. Love it!!!

Michelle has given us the following discount code, good for 10% off any of their Vermont made toys. In addition, orders over $50 are eligible for free shipping to the United States or within Canada. Thanks Michelle!


anne said...

We just got the spinny speller for Claire. :)

Sara said...

I bought one for Arielle after reading Eleanor's original post. It's my diaper bag treat for her - she loves that she can read the words and it keeps her busy while we're shopping or waiting.