Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Wooden Wagon - lots of new stuff and a discount code

I love the beautiful German toys at The Wooden Wagon, and they have offered us a discount code "TOYBOX10", good for 10% off your next order until the end of June.

New offerings at The Wooden Wagon include Fair Trade toys by Yellow Label Kids, wonderful Waldorf dolls by Heidi Hilscher of Germany, beautiful wooden puzzles and games, and a few especially nice stuffed animals.

Yellow Label Knit Cookies ($29.50)

This puzzle looks just right for a preschool-aged child who is just starting to enjoy more challenging puzzles. For younger children, there are simpler puzzle choices like the Bird Peg Puzzle ($18.50).

Continuing the bird theme is this Birds Stacking Tower ($32.50), which looks like a very versatile toy. It is on my shopping list because Linnea will love stacking the "Bwoidies" and saying "teet! teet!", while Arielle will use the individual pieces for more creative play.

The new Waldorf dolls from Germany are handmade and washable. They are gorgeous. Pippa Waldorf Doll ($155.00)

And the handmade Bunny Doll ($59.95) is pretty sweet, too.

For so many other treasures, more information and some of my favorite toys, check out our original store review for The Wooden Wagon. I have to go order my "Bwoidies".


Lex said...

I love the bird stacker too! What is the discount code? Thanks!


Sara said...

Sorry, "TOYBOX10", I'll add it in the post :-)
I did order the stacker and I can't wait for Linnea to see it. I bought the colored stacking boxes as well. I'll let you all know how these toys measure up!