Monday, September 8, 2008

PhD Crocheted Flying Disk

The Phd pocket disk ($12.50) is the invention of a third grade Waldorf student in North Carolina. It all began when Savanna Groft tried to crochet a placemat for a handwork class assignment, but a few too many double stitches, and instead, she made a prototype of the indoor disc, now called the Phd.

So the place mat of sorts, which looked more like a small crocheted Frisbee, decorated the living room table for almost a year, until the Larsen family came over for dinner. Dad, Chris Larsen spotted the placemat and, on a whim, picked it up and threw it. It sailed across the living room, and the PhD was born.

The PhD soft flying discs are a hand-made, fair trade toy. They are crocheted out of 100% cotton in Guatemala (mothers crochet while they watch their children play). The designs are awesome - bright and beautiful and remind me of hackysacks.

The disks are very lightweight, easy to stash in a pocket, and easy to throw and catch and suggested for all ages. They can be played with both indoors and out. When thrown indoors, the PhD won't damage pretty knickknacks, and if it gets messy outside, the PhD can be gently washed. What a great idea for thos who need active indoor play ideas for the winter.

The Phd was formally introduced to children at a North Carolina elementary school last spring. Students there use the Phds to play dodge ball, push up hockey, and develop soccer skills. The Phd can safely substitute for a ball or Frisbee in almost any game. And there is a website with games and play ideas

The PhD discs also double as the cute little berets, and this is what Arielle and Linnea wanted to do. But mostly, I found it serving as a bed for small stuffed animals and puppets. My college-aged stepson did spend a few afternoons tossing it, but thenwent back to his hackysack.

So I sent it to Eleanor, thinking her children might find it more fun. Great idea! They had a great time and Eleanor was pleased that nothing was damaged.

Here's Jack enjoying the PhD outside,

and inside.

And, even Alli got in on the action.

Thank you, Larsens and Savannah, and guest reviewers Jack and Alli for all your help.

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Kelly said...

Thanks for posting a review, I've had my eye on these and now I feel comfortable that I'd be getting something versatile and fun (terrified of adding to the clutter!!!) with the benefit of buying fair trade.