Friday, September 12, 2008

The Princess Room and the Magic Princess Bed

One of the reasons that I wasn't posting so much this summer (aside from the general chaos of having five kids home full-time)is that we were finishing the upstairs. Arielle finally has her big girl room. She co-slept with us when she was small and then slept in a toddler bed in our room. Moving into her own room was a big deal for Arielle, and I wanted to make it special.

I let her choose the paint color which is Valspar's Perfectly Pink from Lowe's. I used two sets of Seasons Wall Decals ($54) for the trees and a few sets of Djeco's beautiful fairy and flower Garden of Nine wall stickers ($24.49).

But the very best thing, the thing that truly made this a Princess Room is the Rose Silk Canopy ($89.95) from Sarah's Silks. It was very easy to install - just screw the hook into the ceiling - and it fits a toddler or twin bed perfectly. The canopy hangs from four ribbons.

It could also be used in a corner to make a cozy reading nook or princess hideaway.

But, we needed a special princess bed, one that would keep away bad dreams and make a princess feel safe and secure. Since she is as the age where imaginations tend to run wild, Ari was a bit concerned about monsters. But, only the very friendliest of monsters like to be around pink. And pink silk is magical - the monsters can't see in, but princesses can see out.

Blueberry fores
t carries the whole line of Sarah's Silks canopies. Thank you, Sarah - we love it.

Here's Linnea's (mostly not used) bed. Linnea is a little too wild for a canopy, but she loves her Sesame Street posters. The tree house belonged to my older daughter

I painted my son's old dresser and an old cabinet a slightly deeper shade of the same pink for clothing storage. We used a ribbon to display her collection of hair bows. She loves seeing pictures of herself when she was small, so I put lots throughout the room.

Good night, Princess Arielle, safe and snug.


mama k said...

Turned out great! And so girly.

Anonymous said...

WOW! That looks amazing, fantastic job!