Monday, October 6, 2008

Update on Our Toys from The Wooden Wagon

When I last reviewed The Wooden Wagon, I mentioned that I planned to purchase The Birds Stacking Tower ($32.50) and the Wooden Rainbow Stacking Boxes ($57.75).

Bird Stacking Tower

This toy is beautiful. A few months ago, Linnea (now almost two) really enjoyed this as a stacking toy, and the pieces are great for individual play. However, to Linnea, the base without the birds looks like a hammer. And toddlers with hammers......... well, not pretty. Perhaps it is fortunate that the dowel comes off, so the hammer doesn't last so long. But, the dowel is just right for poking into heating grates. But Arielle (four years old) loves playing with the birds. This is truly a nice stacker, but once your child discovers "Hammer!!!", put the stacker away for a few months. Then take it out again when your children are ready to use the birds for more imaginative play.

Wooden Rainbow Stacking Boxes - large

These Rainbow Stacking Boxes are definitely one of our favorite toys. In fact, if I were stranded on a deserted island with two children and one toy, this would be the toy to have because it is so versatile. Arielle uses the boxes to build apartment buildings for finger puppets, to stir up acorn soup, to carry around treasures, and to tuck small stuffed animals in for their naps. Linnea puts things in them and stacks them up - and they are sturdy enough to stand up to numerous games of "Tower fall!!! Boom!" or to be climbed on for general mischief making. These are an investment toy that will last an entire childhood. Boom!

The Wooden Wagon is offering our readers free shipping through October.

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