Monday, October 27, 2008

Kathe Kruse at Petit Baby

I love "Waldorf Dolls" and "Kathe Kruse" Waldorf Dolls are just gorgeous. Arielle and Linnea recently had the opportunity to review Kathe Kruse's Mini Baby It's Me.

Kathe Kruse Waldorf Doll Mini Baby It's Me Baby Brown ($71.70)

This sweet baby is only 8.5 inches tall. Just the right amount of baby cuteness to be carried in a backpack or played with in a car seat. Since she comes with her own soft little carrier, her little mommy can take her anywhere. There are also blond and red-haired versions. And - they have the bellybuttons! (this is a big deal.)

Linnea was basically interested in undressing the doll. This is her new favorite activity (both for herself and for dolls) and everything was off within minutes, including the cute flower hair band. Then she stuffed the doll down my shirt for "milky", a privilege granted only to the most-favored of toys.

Fortunately, Arielle adopted "Baby Potato" and she's now getting much better care. When asked to comment, Arielle said "this is a really good doll." I think in this case, pictures definitely say more than words.

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