Friday, October 31, 2008

Plan Toys Animal Memory Game

Animal Memo ($21.99) is Plan Toy's natural version of the classic memory game. The colorful tiles are placed face down. The players take turns turning over one tile, and then trying to turn over another just like it. If they match, the tiles belong to that player. If not, they are turned back over, and the next player tries.

As you can see, Arielle had a great time playing the game with her big sister.

But, wasn't above trying to cheat.
"OK, where is that pesky panda?"

"Is this it?"

Try again. Yay!

The player with the most tiles at the end of the game wins! The game is quick, so a great thing to pull out when Arielle wants attention, but I really need to move on to doing other things. It is simple enough that a three year old can play without a lot of frustration. And it helps develop skills like memory (obviously), following rules, and taking turns.

There are lots of Memory games out there, but I especially like this one because the twelve pairs of wooden tiles are big and durable and toddler safe. We especially enjoyed the bright animal designs. The tiles come with a cloth bag for storage.

All Plan Toys are made in Thailand of Earth-friendly and replenishable rubber wood from trees that no longer produce latex. Plan Toys meet all safety standards and they have made a commitment to a quality products, a safe and fair work environment and eco-friendly materials and practices. the Animal Memo game and other Plan Toys are available at Oompa. Sign up for their mailing list because they often have discount codes before the Holidays.


Lisa B. said...

Uh oh, now that I've seen Ari playing with that memory game I might have to get it. Aly has been asking about it, but I wasn't sure she'd actually play with it.

Bailey said...

These toys are cute. Little kids will really enjoy.

Sara said...

Lisa, I'm sure Aly would enjoy it. I think for Ari, part of the fun is having an older sibling or mom sit down with just her - no Linnea. But, I bet Timmy could find matches. If I turn all the tiles up, hold up the panda and say to Linnea "Uh oh, where is the other panda?" She'll find it.