Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Fun Game: Djeco at Petit Baby

Another enjoyable learning game for preschoolers is the Djeco Animal Lotto Matching Game ($16.99) from Petit Baby.

The game consists of five nicely illustrated cardboard boards and thirty animal cards. To start, all the cards are placed upside down. Then each player chooses a board. Arielle chose "Pets", Daddy (home on leave, woo hoo!) chose "Sea Animals", Linnea chose both "Farm" and "Forest", and I was left with "African Animals"

The first player turns over a card. If it matches one of the images on her board, she puts it on top of the image. if not, she turns it back over.

The first player to find all the cards to match the images on her board wins.
"Yay!" Arielle won!

The game says it is appropriate for ages two and up. And Linnea did have a good time, but she had difficulty with taking turns and wanted to match the pictures she turned over to the appropriate board, regardless of who it belonged to. So, we ended up modifying the rules.

Djeco makes beautiful the most beautiful learning toys and games. They are a huge favorite in our house, both because the illustrations are absolutely delightful and because they really stand up to a lot of play. We have a set of Djeco Stacking Blocks that has been played with daily for more than three years. Arielle loves making apartment buildings or caves or cages for her puppets.

Djeco Picture Stacking Blocks ($19.99)

So, when I saw the Djeco Topanimo Stacking Cubes ($23.99), I thought of Arielle right away. And Arielle enjoyed them a lot, but Linnea did too.

Another favorite find are the Djeco Fancy Children Wooden Magnets ($19.99). These sturdy wooden magnets portray children in costume. The pieces can be matched to make a cowboy, pirate, knight, princess, mermaid, fairy, Native American and bandit, or mixed to form silly new combinations. My only complaint, is that the children are all white. Some diversity would be nice.

Djeco Toys are designed in France and made in China. They conform to European and American safety standards. You can find a safety statement here.

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