Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beautiful Sevilla Blocks - from Moolka

I love blocks. Blocks were the first toy that Arielle and Linnea were really able to play with cooperatively. My older children played with their blocks until they were nearly in their teens, and neighbor children would come over to play with their block set which was embellished with wooden findings from craft and hardware stores. And, I remember playing blocks with my own siblings, spending hour and hours building cities and towns. But, our blocks weren't this nice.

Building Blocks SevillaBuilding Blocks from Haba ($59.99)

This set of 25 beautiful wooden blocks is inspired by the work of the Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi, who designed the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona. These building blocks depict Gaudi's famous unique style and highly individualistic designs and cylindrical structures.

The blocks are made in Germany of beechwood and are stained with non-toxic, water-based paints. The bright colors and unique forms of these blocks allow for all sorts of building possibilities. Here is Linnea building a fairy house.

Like many Haba blocks, Sevilla blocks have interesting features like mirrors, magnifying glasses, tinted windows, bells, and prisms. Arielle is looking through the red magnifying block.

And she is building her own palace for fairies and unicorn and their friends.

"Pictures again!"

Of course, Sevilla blocks are compatible with all the other sets of Haba blocks for all kinds of building possibilities. Smaller block sets inspired by the work of Gaudi include Building Blocks Cordoba from Haba ($39.99) and Sakrada Building Blocks from Haba ($22.50).

Thank you, Moolka, for letting us try out these fun blocks!

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