Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BellyLaf in the Bath

BellyLaf offers two fun and very practical products for bathing children, Grippees ($16.95) and MiniMitts($9.95).

Like all good ideas, the products are mom-inspired. Chris, one of the partners in BellyLaf, has twins who are now almost 5. When they were born, they were very small and slippery and like all of us, she always worried that she was going to drop them in the bath. She looked for something practical to help with holding them, but all she could find were bath puppets. From this, the idea for Grippeeswas developed.

Grippeesare bamboo (oh so very very soft and eco-friendly and naturally resistant to bacteria) bath mitts with gripping dots that do not irritate a child’s skin, but still help in holding slippery children as parents wash them or move them in and out of the tub or shower. The upper portion of the Grippees is designed for washing, not gripping. So the parent doesn't have to put the mitt down to grab a washcloth.

As the kids got older, they wanted to wash themselves so the moms at BellyLaf came up with the idea of MiniMitts, miniature bath mitts sized just for children.

Grippeesand MiniMitts are decorated with SmartShapes™, geometric designs that feature brightly colored sea creatures. We especially like the crabs.

BellyLaf's wash mitts have earned award from The Toy Man and from iParenting. But, more importantly, the have earned Linnea's seal of approval.

Linnea enjoyed trying out MiniMitts, but I have to admit she enjoys pulling the "glubs" on and off far more than washing.

Ten percent of profits from the sales of BellyLaf products go to The Hide and Seek Foundation, a non-profit organization raising money for research into fatal childhood diseases. The mitts are available through the BellyLaf website.

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fav.or.it said...

What a great idea. I too was paranoid about dropping my daughter when she was little. She is now older and would love the MiniMitts as she is very independent. Very cute designs. I had no idea that bamboo was so soft!

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