Saturday, November 29, 2008

What does an all natural doll need?

Not a plastic bottle full of a mysteriously glowing orange liquid, so I was very excited to find these.

Baby Bottle from Erzi ($4.39)

These German-made wooden bottles are a little over 3 inches tall and just right for little mommies and daddies to give to their favorite dolls or bears.

One problem is that the top can come off. Out of six bottles, this has only happened with one, and that was after a visiting child tossed all the bottles into a wagon. It was easily fixed with a drop of hot glue. But, for this reason they may not be appropriate for children who still put toys in their mouths.

The bottle is also available as part of the Baby's Meal Set ($38.99), which also includes a cup, plate, spoon, baby food jar, and an electric kettle with a cord and switch.


Lisa B. said...

Do they sell a wooden breast pump? ;)

Sara said...

That would be really funny, Lisa.

lyneya said...

Oh that's awesome! Thanks for posting! I actually bought a set of the mystery orange liquid and milk bottles for my son. (In blue to make the daddy happy.) These are so much nicer!! Although I have a thrower---maybe I need to figure out how to knit or felt a bottle........