Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cheekeyes at Oompa

Have you heard Laurie Berkener's song "We are the Dinosaurs"?

That is Arielle and Linnea's absolute favorite song. We listen to it many times a day. They love pretending to be dinosaurs as they sing along, and the first thing they wanted to do when we unpacked the Wooden Animal Dinosaur Set from Cheekeye was to have the dinosaurs march along with the song.

Cheekeye Dinosaurs

Did I say yet that these are just adorably cute? Even Tyrannosaurus rex looks sweet and cuddly.

In addition to Tyrannosaurus rex, the set includes Triceratops (Arielle's favorite), Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Velociraptor.

The Cheekeyes are made in Sri Lanka and designed in the Netherlands. They are made of hard wood with paint only for the faces and edges. The dinosaur volcano ($16.99) and prehistoric trees ($16.99) are sold separately. They average about five inches in length.

Here are the dinosaurs getting ready to march....

and taking a rest....

and marching again.

Cheekeyes are available in the U.S. exclusively from Oompa. They also make a Farm Set, African Animal Set, Forest Animal Set and Polar Animal Set ($29.99 each), as well as (completely optional ) accessories ($16.99 a set). They would work really nicely with a set of playsilks.

Arielle says more than anything, she hopes Santa brings the "Antarctica Animals". She's been asking every day. If you are reading, Santa, then you know.

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