Thursday, October 16, 2008

A thing of beauty....

I'm a low maintenance type of mom. Since I don't have time for a lot of fussing, I let my hair dry naturally and wear only enough make-up to cover the dark circles under my eyes. So, when Kristina from Moolka suggested Cosmetic Set Jasmin ($62.99) from Erzi for a review, I was quite surprised when Arielle immediately perked up and said "Yes, that one!"

Waiting was tough. "Is it here yet? Is it here?" But, Moolka ships fast and a few days later, the set arrived. Arielle was thrilled and wanted to try it out right away.


Actually, it's more of a grooming set then a cosmetic set.

The set includes a comb, six wooden rollers that can really go in the hair, a lipstick, a roll-on deodorant, a spray bottle, a comb, and a hair dryer. All the pieces are made in Germany out of solid wood and are finished with non-toxic stains.

Kristina was sure Arielle would enjoy it as it is a favorite with her own daughter and her daughter's friends. She mentioned liking the rollers best, but I like the hair dryer - it has a rolling ball that moves for an on/off switch. Arielle prefers the lipstick, and she says the toy is now her favorite. A very high compliment! We totally recommend this set for any four or five year old princess.

Arielle gets ready to dance at the Princess Party.

First she combs her hair.

Rollers are in, and she puts on deodorant.

A touch of lipstick...


Almost done.

She dries her hair one more time.

Just a quick spray...

and she'll be the prettiest princess at the ball!

Erzi also offers a Junior Shaving Set ($62.99) for boys or even little girls who want to be just like Daddy.


The Toy Snob said...

SOOOOO cute! I so wish I had a little girl to buy this set for. I just don't think my little boy would get into the shaving kit enough =(

Amanda said...

We bought the shave kit for London and she loves it. She is shaving up a storm. She shaves us at least once a day :P

Oh and I just wanted to say that moolka is great. The mirror in the shave kit came unglued. I told moolka about it but I was worried that I would have to send the whole kit back. A week later I had a brand new mirror. Great customer service.

Sara said...

Moolka is great. I've always gotten excellent customer service from them.

My girls love to play shaving, too. They use bubbles from bubble bath and plastic forks from their tea set.

I'm happy to know that London is so well-groomed :)