Thursday, October 23, 2008

Zid Zid Kids - toys meet home decor

Ideally, I think family spaces should be friendly to all members of the family. In our living room, that would mean a safe place for a toddler to bounce, a cozy nest for a preschooler and her books, an area where teenagers can hang out and watch TV, a (clean, quiet) room where mom can relax and not worry about picking up, and a comfortable spot where dad or an extra guest can snooze. But, I also want it presentable and a little less chaotic than the rest of the house. And, since we're talking of ideals, I'd want it to be stylish and sophisticated as well.

Well.... I don't quite know about sophistication. But, it looks pretty good and works for us. I keep most toys out, but the Zid Zid animal cushions make perfect throw pillows. They are made in Morocco and have the hand-crafted, exotic look that I love. Arielle is pretty happy cuddling up to a giraffe or crocodile while she watched the Backyardigans on Thursday mornings and they look so nice on the couch.

Owl ($36.99), Crocodile ($36.99), Baby Zebra ($27.99), and Giraffe ($36.99)

The couch, by the way, is a great big microfiber sectional. One day, Linnea found a pen that her big brother left out and did this...

Helping clean up... a bit of water and a bit of steam... (mommy did the steam with Linnea safely in her high chair)

and it was good as new. Yay microfiber!`

Now, back to Zid Zid....

Zid Zid also makes big lounge poofs ($282) and mini poofs ($77.99) that make excellent seats or tumbling toys or treasure islands, and Kangaroo Boo has a new batch of Zid Zid Cozy Animals which are natural brushed cotton on the front and printed Moroccan fabric on the back and just beautiful (and we have a discount code!).

I wouldn't mind a Cozy Elephant ($43.99)

or Cozy Camel ($43.99)

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