Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hip Mountain Mama

Hip Mountain Mama is an on-line store created by Colorado Mama, Suzy Hawbaker. Her mission is to offer hip and natural products to the world. She offers cloth diapers, baby carriers, natural clothing, knitting bags, natural art supplies and TOYS! The focus is on Earth friendly.

Suzy carries Sarah's Silks, organic Under the Nile baby toys, a small selection of classic wooden toys from Europe, and play cottages and bed tents from Bazoongi Kids.

Garden House ($99.99)

Fairy House ($99.99)

Hip Mountain Mama has offered our readers a 10% discount with the code "toybox" (expiring Dec. 31, 2008). She offers free shipping on orders over $100 and a free gift with every order for the rest of the year. This month, a free hat.

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Lisa Kay said...

I recently made a purchase at Hip Mountain Mama. I don't like to buy things online much, so I called and talked to someone who was very helpful. I was very happy with the service and products received. Thank you Sara for spreading the word about another great company.