Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Changing seasons at A Toy Garden

Hooray for fall!

The leaves have changed and the air is chilly. A Toy Garden has wonderful ideas to help celebrate fall and the coming of winter.

Who would have thought that a handful of acorn caps would be a great treasure? But, when I saw these Acorn Caps ($1.00), I remembered how much I miss oak trees. Our maples are breathtakingly gorgeous, but oak trees are fun. Even if you live somewhere without oak trees, your children shouldn't miss out of acorns.

I put some acorn caps and a magnifying glass on the table and let the girls find them. When the novelty wears off, we will use them in art projects.

"Whoa! What's that? Acorns! Cool. Check out the bumps! Lets be squirrels."
Here is Squirielle gathering her acorns for the winter.

For squirrel play, I suggest Wooden Acorns (5 for $3.50) as the real acorns are smaller and more delicate. Squirielle is using a Bolga Basket for her acorns ($15.95). This basket has been used in so many ways since the Easter Bunny brought it last spring.

You can continue the acorn theme with one of our favorite stories In a Nutshell ($7.95). It is a beautifully illustrated book that tells about the life of an oak tree and how it continues to grow and give life even after it has rotted.

And to go with the acorn theme, A Toy Garden has this most lovely handmade in the U.S.A. felted-wool Acorn Doll ($49.95). She is perfect for a nature table or even as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner.

Although the doll is not really meant for play, Linnea felt she needed a hug.

Another cool, who-would-have-thought idea, Ladybugs in a Pot ($9.95). As soon as this arrived, it became a treasured item. I'm going to buy a few extra because they are so useful and they make great little gifts or stocking stuffers.

Linnea (well-supervised) carefully lines them up and then sorts "mommies" and "babies". Then the mommies and babies kiss. And when one is almost two, it's fun to carry around small things in pots. Look at how absorbed she is.

Arielle plays ladybug family and then does some ladybug math. If three ladybugs are home and two ladybugs come to visit.....

You could also roll some dice and have the ladybugs race along the kitchen tiles or play ladybugs invade the dollhouse.

Ladybugs have invaded our house. Last week, I was making lunch when I heard the happiest squeals coming from the playroom. It was a new friend.

A ladybug! Linnea got down on the floor to kiss it.

They appear every year when the weather gets cold. This year they are especially large,

and have even attacked Linnea. I wonder what the Farmer's Almanac has to say about this!

The Ladybug Hat ($12.95)is made in Poland. It makes a great addition to a dress-up box (Giant Ladybugs from space)or even a last minute Halloween costume.

The warm merino-wool undershirts ($19.95) are also from A Toy Garden. These are soft and warm and machine washable, but still delicate and girly enough for a fairy princess to wear. Even Arielle ,who isn't normally a big fan of wool, loved the shirt. Good thing, we had snow today! Winter will be her soon.

Until then, Happy Fall!

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Where did you get the beautiful magnifying glass? I love it!