Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Princess Nimble Thimble

And another teeny, tiny handmade treasure from Etsy.

Princess Nimble Thimble , Dannielle, is another Etsy artisan who makes cute little dolls. These mermaids, fairies, princesses, elves, and children are available both with and without painted faces. I chose faces because they look so sweet and friendly.

Elf or Gnome ($9.50)

Of course, these were a big hit with my girls who like both princesses and teeny tiny things. The dolls are about 2.5 inches tall - just the right size to be a pocket friend while at the dentist or to be rescued from a block tower. They remind me a lot of the "Halfpenny Dolls" that my older children played with. They are too small for most doll house furniture, but worked fine with the doll house stacker.

Arielle says "They are pretty and the dragon won't eat them." So, it must be true. Again, the workmanship is perfect and these dolls are sturdy and meant to play - just not with children who still put toys in their mouths. The girls like to combine them with their Juicy Bugs and needle-felted animals for extra-fun adventures.

Here are some live-action pictures.

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