Thursday, January 8, 2009


Finger Puppets by Cheryl A. Smith ($5.00 each)

Well, as you all know, Ariele LOVES finger puppets. I had Cheryl's page open on my computer when she came by.

-"What's that?"
-"Finger puppets."
-"I love finger puppets. I don't have any like that. I wish I had puppets like that."
-"Maybe you could get a job and earn money and buy puppets?" (I'm a mean mommy - especially right after a toy-filled Christmas.)
-"I have lots of money in my piggie. I can buy puppets.

And she did. She is really into birds right now, so that is what she got. Here's Arielle - just woke up and already playing with puppets.

Cheryl doesn't just do birds, there is a whole zoo's worth of creatures on her site.

Check out the Yeti.



Cheryl's puppets are made of embroidered and stitched felt. She has been making and selling her puppets on Etsy for three and a half years and has sold over 1,100 with a 100% positive rating. She's obviously doing something great! Arielle agrees.

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Tina said...

These are just so adorable!!!!