Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy SquashToys

Sara's Toy Box loves to support Handmade Toys and I'm pleased to review another Etsy seller, Happy Squash Toys. Their brightly colored rolling toys caught my eye while browsing Etsy.

Flower Cars ($15.50 for set of three, or $5.50 each)

Both my little girls adored cars and trucks until they were about two. At two, they turned into princesses and everything was about pretty. Clothes had to be pink (and sparkly), tap shoes became everyday footwear, and crowns were necessary for trips to the grocery store. And they started eying the pink things at Walmart (Ack!)

So, a pretty car.... well, they love that. And, I love that because pretty and simple and powered only by imagination. What else could I want?

I'm pretty sure that while some little girls want to be full-time princesses, they still enjoy the same toys that they always did. Linnea certainly enjoyed the cars. The cars had some interesting conversations.

-Beep Beep. Where you going?
-Brmm.. Brmm... I going to play hopscotch.
-Brmm... Brmm... I going home to princesses.
-I'm going for Nayna (Linnea).

Happy Squash Toys
hand makes original toys from poplar wood. The bright, happy colors come from non-toxic, lead-free paints and finishes. Painted toys all have two coats of water based paint with a light sanding between coats to provide a smooth and even finish. Natural toys finished only with beeswax are also available.

The cars are sturdy and smooth and just the right size for little hands,


Happy Squash Toys also makes rolling farm animals, jungle animals, dinosaurs, board games and cars of all colors. All reasonably priced and handmade in the U.S.

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