Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's a Bilibo?

Bilibo ($29.98)

What's a Bilibo? It is whatever a child wants it to be.

A doll bed.

A laundry basket.

An igloo, or a cave for penguins. Arielle claims that it also makes an excellent animal hotel.

A Bilibo is a scoop shaped piece of Made in China plastic. It's also an award-winning toy that challenges children to be active, use their imagination and come up with new ideas. And, that's why Sara's Toy Box is reviewing it :0)

When we unpacked them, the girls asked "What's that?"
"I don't know." I said, "What do you think?"
"Is it a bird's nest?" and they climbed right in.

It was a beautiful day, so we took them outside. Imagine filling one with sand or water or snow.

Yes, they are also fun to rock around in. They also spin.

Lucky us, we tried one of every color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink. We played musical chairs - a little silly with just three of us, but still fun.

What is Arielle building?

It's a tightrope!

A little bit of a challenge for Arielle.

Too hard for Linnea, so she came up with a new game. Crawl over the bridge.

They've also been turtle shells and silly hats. Two put together make an egg that can hatch out a baby bird. Linnea can tote around a whole pile of stuffed animals by dragging one around. Turned upside down they make pretend rocks. It's all up to your child.

Bilibo is appropriate all year round, indoors and outdoors, and is fun for ages 2-7.


anne said...

we love ours! it makes a great sled down the driveway on a winter icy day!

Nikki said...

Nearly everyone that sees ours asks what it is! I love how open-ended they can be!