Monday, September 21, 2009

More Fairies! from Magic Cabin.

Magic Cabin is the place for fairies!!! Look at what we are reviewing, another Magic Cabin Exclusive.

The Magic Cabin Tree Trunk Fairy Home ($99.00 and accessories from $24.98)

Yes, it is as amazing as it looks. And, that's why I'm using all the exclamation marks :0)

The box arrived a little over a week ago, and two very very excited little girls played with the accessories while I tried to figure out the assembly of the house.

It wasn't hard. I needed a small Phillips head screwdriver.

The trick is not to tighten the screws until the home is fully assembled. During assembly it looked like the pieces weren't quite lining up at the bottom (and I was thinking, "Oh no! such a great toy and I can't assemble it!"), but when everything was together, they magically lined up. That was the right time to tighten the screws. Voila! A fairy home.

With two doors that open and close.

Daddy Fairy coming home from work after a hard day of gathering acorns.

Daddy Fairy ($18.98) is a Kathe Kruse Woodland Fairy. The dolls (Daddy, Mommy, Big Sister, Little Brother, Grandma and Grandpa) are super cute and sturdy and well-made and exclusive to Magic Cabin.

The fairy home is surrounded by a puzzle-yard. This adds another dimension to playing.

Here are the cozy insides. Some woodland friends came to visit. The spiral staircase is movable. Ours are from Holztiger, but Magic Cabin also has a Woodland Animals Set ($24.98) from Poland.

The cute mushroom table and chairs are part of the Hammock/Table Set ($24.98). I wish my dining table looked like that.

Here's Big Sister Fairy ($18.98) relaxing in the hammock. She's my favorite. I love her rosy cheeks and braids. The hammock can double as a swing for two dolls.

The River Bridge Puzzle Set ($24.98) includes 8 pieces that assemble to make the perfect hiding place for trolls. Watch out, Fairy Family!

Arielle and Linnea decided to add the log furniture that belongs in their older sister's tree house. Magic Cabin also sells the Tree Block Furniture ($59.98). It looks cute in the house, but is a little small for the dolls.

But, Arielle and Linnea weren't bothered at all. They played nicely for hours and hours!!!!! (always worth many exclamation points, and they are still playing nicely more than a week later). Arielle says it is one of the best toys ever.

Magic Cabin has offered our readers free shipping on the Tree Trunk Fairy Home, Woodland Fairies, and the Tree Trunk accessories - the bridge, dinette set and hammock. The code is "HOME" and it is good until October 15, 2009.

If you are looking for a really special, heirloom quality toy for a little girl (or a few of them) this Christmas, Arielle and Linnea highly recommend this. The toys are suggested for ages three and up.

Thank you! Thank you! Magic Cabin.


Anonymous said...

We also have this the treehouse and furniture, and while it is much enjoyed, I would like to point out that ours, at least, is made in China - the furniture also, I believe. It is made of thin plywood, and the finish did have some odor when the toy was new last Christmas. So if you are looking for a solid wood (non-plywood) toy made in Europe with all-natural finishes, this probably isn't it.

Sara said...

Sorry, I did mean to say it is made in China. I know that is important for many of my readers. I didn't detect any odor, and I'm very sensitive - especially to formaldehyde. I even went and sniffed it just to be sure :0)
Yes, it isn't solid wood with all natural finishes, but it is a lovely toy that will last especially at that price range. But, yes there are lovely hand made, wooden dollhouses finished with beeswax that would be the most awesome thing ever :0) If only someone would send me one to review :0)
You can read about safety at Magic Cabin here

vfg said...

We have the Tree Trunk Fairy Home (happy arrival last Christmas) and love it. It's currently serving as a pioneer home/store, stocked with miniatures from and the Kathe Kruse pioneer dollhouse dolls (be still my heart! I love KK dollhouse dolls!).

I love its lines and it is played with often.