Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stubby Pencil Studio's new website

Our 2008 Toy Store of the Year, Stubby Pencil Studio, has a cool new website with lots of new stuff!

Our old favorites are still there.

Easy to manage, Triangular Paint Brushes ($7.95)

We are using them to paint fall pictures with Washable Tempura Paint ($10.95) during art time today.

The Made By Me kits ($4.00) that my girls love. We made trains earlier this week.

And, there are plenty of Color 'n Kids Recycled Cards. Arielle loves sending these to Daddy when he is away and her siblings at college. Last weekend when we were stuck inside, Arielle spent hours coloring these cards with the Metallic Colored EcoPencils ($5.95).

Be sure to use our code, to get a free sample pack of Color n' Kids holiday cards! Use SARA-FF09 for Frosty Friends or SARA-CW09 for Christmas Wishes, a $7.95 value. Only one bonus code per order, expires 12/31/2009.

Last year, Arielle gave cards and Holiday Smencils to her preschool friends. It was inexpensive, and they loved them!

I could go on and on forever.... but then there wouldn't be space for the cool new stuff.

ABC Animal Magnets ($25.00)

We have these on the freezer and they are the cutest alternative to the plastic ABC magnets that I grew up with. The girls love naming the animals and they are too large to be eaten.

Cool activity books. I want to get Hello Matisse ($9.95) for Arielle. I love Matisse.

And, gorgeous board books, coloring books and games featuring the work of Charlie Harper.

Charlie Harper Memory Game ($14.95)

And, lots more.

Just for Halloween...

Halloween Chico Bag ($6.00)

Halloween Colored Pencils ($5.00)

And, now I need to go paint, so take a look at the website.

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