Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yes, girls love firetrucks! And, this one is so cool.

Arielle loves fire trucks. Daddy is a volunteer firefighter and going to the firehouse to sit in the trucks is their special thing. Ever since she saw the Wooden Fire Truck ($47.95) on the Down To Earth Toys website, she has not stopped talking about it. So, she was particularly happy to have a chance to review this toy.

We love Down to Earth Toys because Down to Earth Toys specializes in offering high quality natural toys, organic toys and especially toys made in the USA. The firetruck is made in the USA by Montgomery Schoolhouse.

These are good, solid trucks (almost three pounds, so not for hitting your sister on the head, please!) made of durable, hardwood American maple. The truck is labeled Mongomery Fire Dept. Engine #1. It includes two removable ladders and two yellow firefighters for lots of firefighting play. And the bright red color and painted details come from non-toxic paints and finishes.

Arielle especially liked taking the "people" in and out and making them climb up ladders. She had a complicated scenario with the firefighters from the truck rescued some other little peg people and puppets. When I asked her about the firetruck, she said "It is a good toy, and kids should like it."

Arielle wasn't available for pictures, but, fortunately, Mulan said she'd help out :0)

Linnea says "I wuv firetwucks, too! Firetwucks are fun!" "

Thank you so much, Down to Earth Toys.


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! I love a big, heavy wood firetruck, too. And so do my boys. Maybe a contender for Malcolm's birthday?

Sara said...

There's also a school bus that I think is totally awesome I'm thinking Linnea would love it because the people come out.