Friday, October 30, 2009

10% off at Carl & Me

Carl & Me: Exceptional Toys for Boys offers high quality toys made in the United States and Europe. The cars, trucks, blocks, active toys and building toys are fun for both girls and boys.

Featured brands include Matador, Janoschik, Scalino, Varis and NIC.

Matador - Matador are building toys. The wooden pieces are held together with rods. Tools are included.

Matador Klassic 2A ($74)

Janoschik - These adorable riding toys are made in Germany.

Mina, the giraffe scooter($142)

Skippy, the kangaroo scooter with removable baby ($198)

Scalino - Scalino marble runs are made in Switzerland. There are all kinds of additions such as waterfalls and xylophones to make these marble runs extra fun. Sets can be combined over time to make a toy that grows with your child.

Scalino Sound Staircase Set ($92.00)

Varis - Varis are just like Lincoln Logs. They are made in Latvia.

Varis 111 Parts Set ($60)

NIC - NIC Toys are my dream toy. The Creamobil series includes trucks, building parts and little figures that can be combined for construction play, truck play and general imaginative play.

Creamobil Little Men Maxi($32.00)

They can play in the Creamobil Vario House Base ($92.00)

or,in cool trucks like the Creamobil Sweeping Machine ($68).

NIC also makes Cubio, which is similar to a marble run, but uses balls so it can be used by children as young as 18 months.

Cubio Ball Track ($132)

Carl & Me is offering our readers 10% off on these brands through November 30. The code is "SPIEL".

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